Horse riding

Adventures on horseback

During your holiday at our Wöhrmaurer Inn the nearby farm Köfelehof offers you the possibility to discover the close vicinity of Feldthurns and Brixen on horseback. In this way you’ll see everything from another point of view and of course such a ride is a particular adventure for the whole family.

The offer includes riding lessons in the riding arena, guided rides and pony-trekking with Haflinger horses for children. According to the agreement the hourly rate comes to € 16.00-22.00:

  • 1 riding lesson in a group* (50 min.): € 16.00
  • 1 riding lesson for one person (50 min.): € 22.00
  • From 5 riding lessons in a group*: € 14.00
  • Guided pony-trekking (20 min.): € 14.00

*4 people at the most