Family history

The host family

Our grandmother Maria Blasbichler was a diligent cook and spoiled the guests at the Unterwirt Inn in Feldthurns and in Gröden. In 1961 she leased the Radlsee Refuge together with her husband Peter Meraner. In 1968 she acquired today’s Wöhrmaurer Inn and refurbished it. Under the name of “Wehrmaurer Höfl” the former farm had been mentioned already in 1747. Some years later it was called “Wörrmaurer”.

In 1972 the parents Marianne and Jakob Mitterrutzner have renovated the farm again and opened the inn. In 1998 there were built the pizza place and further three guestrooms. In 2012 we have constructed our alpine hut anew and covered it with old wooden batten.

Today we have a little family-run guesthouse with three employees. The father Jakob is our chef and he likes to go hiking together with our guests. The passionate hostess Marianne is responsible for the service. The son Peter is pizza baker, bike guide and works for the local tourist office. Klaus is cook and together with Jasmin and daughter Selin he also makes guided tours with our guests.