Culinary offer

Our culinary philosophy

We want to live the tradition of a real inn. Therefore we offer a great culinary variety of home-made meals, which are a delicacy even for the gourmet. Apart from other titbits our menu comprises also typical local dishes varying according to the season: for example dumplings made with buckwheat and cheese on coleslaw, a kind of Tyrolean ravioli made of potato dough and stuffed with chanterelles, lamb or “Gröstl” consisting of cooked potatoes, onions and boiled beef. In their kitchen Jakob and Barbara place a serious focus on fresh, seasonal and regional products and distinctive herbs from our herb garden.

In addition to the traditional cuisine we offer tasty pizzas baked in a wood-burning oven. Pizza baker Peter uses also whole meal spelt flour from the Köfelehof farm in the nearby village Payrdorf. For especially creative pizzas he also takes local lamb ham, fresh artichokes, blue cheese with chestnut honey, walnuts and much more.         

In our well-stocked wine cellar you will find a suitable wine for every dish and sommelier Peter helps you with the choice of the right one.

Specialty weeks at the Wöhrmaurer Inn:

  • Asparagus weeks with local asparagus from Terlan from 24th March
  • Chestnut weeks in Eisacktal in autumn (we participate for the 11th time)
  • Törggelen” from 28th September to 25th December